How to get the bosses to greenlight a cutting-edge intranet

You’d love to have a modern platform that boosts productivity and engagement. Here’s how to make the case for it.

Intranet summit

Is your internet a virtual company headquarters, uniting your workforce wherever your associates may be?

Or is it a document graveyard, serving little purpose beyond allowing people to dredge up outdated versions of your travel expense form—before they give up and email a co-worker to request the right one?

A free report from Ragan Communications and Simpplr, “How to make the case for upgrading your intranet,” provides tips for elevating your hub from dusty digital shelf to powerful tool.

The guide will help you build a case for an internal platform that promotes your culture, recruits talent and fights fake news. It cites informed sources from GoDaddy, Simpplr, eVestment, Strategic Communications, J.M. Wilson Corp. and other organizations.

A modern intranet unites employees who would otherwise work in silos, and it aligns them with the strategy and purpose of the organization, says Sam Keninger, senior director of product marketing at Simpplr.

“We’re all inundated with information,” Keninger says. “We have access to too many systems. The rank and file can’t see the forest for the trees. We need a place to up-level our understanding, to see how we contribute to the bigger picture and to focus on it.”

At GoDaddy, the intranet has become a unifying force for an employee base that has rapidly expanded through growth and acquisitions.

“Suddenly we’re bringing in people with completely different languages and cultures who never had worked with an American company before,” says Kim Clark, director of internal communications at the domain registrar and web hosting company.

Here are ways the guide will help you chart the path to a better intranet:

  • Clarify your approach. Sort out whether you’re looking for a platform that builds collaboration and cooperation, or simply serves as an old-fashioned repository of forms and policy statements.
  • Sound out your workforce. Learn why an advance survey of employees isn’t just a thermometer to test internal temperatures, but also a tool to help you launch a companywide campaign that clearly conveys your intranet’s purpose.
  • Help with recruiting and retention. Boost internal communications so employees solve problems within, rather than feverishly venting their spleen on Glassdoor.
  • Push productivity. At eVestment, the intranet taps into its culture of learning and development and keeps employees focused on objectives and initiatives.
  • Boost efficiency. On a social intranet, employees can share information that never could have been communicated in meetings, emails or memos. By creating sub-sites, you can enable teams such as Marketing and Sales to exchange essential information that helps the organization meet its quarterly goals.
  • Surface expertise and new ideas. Often employees do an amazing job at their desk, yet only a handful of their co-workers know what they’re contributing. The intranet can help you find internal talent.

Download your free guide here.

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