How to grab 1,000 shares on your next blog post

Make the time you spend creating articles worth it by crafting a successful social media strategy. Use this infographic as a guide.

Good content deserves to be seen. It’s that simple.

For content marketers, it’s not enough to simply create an engaging piece of content. The second part of our jobs is to make sure it’s distributed and consumed comparable to the time you put in creating it.

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The steps are straightforward: Start with a compelling headline (and for all of our sake, don’t make it click bait-y).

Then, make your content as easy as possible for your readers to share it through social media channels.

Optimize the content for search engines, add a compelling image and share your content again and again.

Monitor the results and optimize your process for next time. Keep sharing it.

Want more? Razor Social and Canva have collaborated on an infographic that provides more detail to each of these steps—all in an effort to help you achieve 1,000 shares for your blog post:

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