How to perk up your LinkedIn profile

Simply adding a few words to your headline and summary can take you from the bottom of the search results to the top, and eventually help you land that dream job.

You’ve filled out most of the sections of your LinkedIn profile and have a professional-looking picture, but does your profile appear in search results?

“You can put information on your profile, but if you don’t optimize your profile, you’re actually missing out,” Yumi Wilson, corporate communications manager at LinkedIn, explains.

In this video, Wilson talks with Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications, about how you can optimize your profile to appear higher in search results, and eventually land the job of your dreams.

For example, the words in your headline greatly impact search. Say someone is looking for a public relations expert. “If you haven’t optimized your profile by putting those words in your summary or your headline, you’re going to come up lower in the search results,” Wilson says.

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