How to transform your livestreams from dull to dynamic

Are you getting everything you can out of these real-time video events? Here’s how to keep your audiences active and engaged.

Stroll through your office during a livestream. Are your viewers half-listening while checking sports scores or doing online shopping?

The tools exist for creating dynamic livestreams that actively engage your employees and external viewers alike, rather than putting them to sleep.

A free guide from Ragan and Telescope, “10 ways to create livestreams that engage your audiences,” will get you thinking creatively about live video as a two-way channel.

“You can capture the story as it happens and share it live with the masses,” says Dave Magnia, director of event solutions at Walmart. “Now you feel like you’re engaging in real time. When you add the social part of it, you can hear feedback from the audience. You can understand, ‘What does our audience feel? What are they saying?'”

The guide offers Walmart,Cleveland Clinic, General Electric, Whistle Sports, Adam EveDDB agency, The Tyler Robinson Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and others.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to be strategic. Don’t just go live for the sake of going live. Make sure it’s the right choice.
  • Ways to use external platforms internally.GE and Walmart are using Facebook Live for internal events. Find out why.
  • How to hype your event. Promotion is essential.
  • How to involve your stakeholders. Learn lessons from Walmart’s employee talent contest.
  • Essential technical details: Gain vital insights on camera work, audio and the minimum upload speed you will need.
  • How to involve a live audience. Hear about livestreamed events that included Sir Richard Branson, retired astronaut Chris Hadfield, and singer-songwriter Paloma Faith.
  • Ways to create a conversation. Enabling viewers to participate, react and comment drives reach and distribution.
  • Techniques for monetization. Learn about the Tyler Robinson Foundation’s Facebook Live fundraiser with the band Imagine Dragons.
  • Measurement tips. Livestreams can be tied to return on investment.
  • How to recycle your content. Its usefulness doesn’t end with the livecast.

“Driving eyes to the event doesn’t have to end the second that the game that you’re broadcasting ends,” says Joe Caporoso, vice president of social media for Whistle Sports. “Use all the footage that you streamed and now have rights to. Pull highlights. Do recaps. Find ways to keep the discussion going around it.”

Get started now. Download your free guide here.

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