How to write an enticing press release without ‘news’

The proper mindset and a little resourcefulness are essential for getting coverage when you think you have no news to report.

Writing regular press releases for your company can help increase brand exposure. In addition, placing relevant keywords and links to your website throughout your press release can improve your search rankings.

At the heart of the press release is a newsworthy announcement, and sometimes finding something new and exciting to talk about can be the hardest part of writing a release. Can’t think of anything newsworthy going on at your company? Think again.

Cover all the bases

What counts as a newsworthy announcement in the first place? New products or services are great topics, even if it’s an upgrade of an existing product. Other typical announcements include new hires, new office locations, website redesigns, features in magazines or articles, attending or exhibiting at trade shows, and recent awards won. Anything—no matter how big or small the announcement—is fair game, as long as it’s new and current. The key is to pitch that to publications that run such announcements.

Talk to co-workers

If there’s nothing new to announce regarding your company, turn to your staff. A press release that focuses on a specific employee can help customers and clients meet the people behind the brand. Did the CEO speak at a conference recently? Is the social media specialist participating in her first marathon? Celebrate your employees’ accomplishments, and take the opportunity to discuss what that person does at the company and how his or her work helps your services and clients.

Make news happen

Who’s to say you can’t take company news into your own hands? You can make news happen by offering a special discount or promotion for your products and services. Offer a free T-shirt to people who sign up for your email list, or provide a discounted service for all new clients. Hold a contest. Or you can host an event or support a local organization, which will not only give you something to write about, but can also help you become more involved within your community.

Repackage established services and products

If you’re tapped out, take a closer look at your services and products, and try to find a way to present them differently. Are there are any benefits of your product that you haven’t written about in past releases? Can you approach one of your services from a different angle? For example, you may have already announced the launch of your blog, but you can also focus on how your blog will help keep you in touch with established customers and potential clients.

Press release No. 1: Straight North, Leading Internet Marketing Agency, Launches Blog

Press release No. 2: Straight North Shares SEO Expertise and Connects with Clients through Blog

Press releases offer a great opportunity to help improve your business and keep you more involved and active within your company, industry, and community.

Do you have any other press release writing tips you’d like to share?

Jacqui Mackenzie is a writer for Straight North, a search marketing Chicago firm that specializes in SEO, social media, and Web design. Jacqui writes for a wide range of clients, including providers of online golf tee times and GPS devices that track truck and fleet activity. Check out the Straight North blog, or follow Straight North on Twitter and Facebook.

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