Infographic: 29 ways to make your writing sing

Work on your weaknesses, read authors who inspire you, and pack an emotional punch in each portion of your piece.

Writing like a champ is something you’re just born with, right?

Not quite. It’s neither innate nor plopped onto your plate.

Mastering writing is a grinding process refined over years of hard, intentional work, but proven, science-backed ways can hasten your progress. A lovely, Henneke-penned Enchanting Marketing infographic shares 29 of them, including the following:

  • Establish your weaknesses. Do you want to become a better blogger, or a more refined business writer? Perhaps your aim is to write more simply or clearly. Determine exactly where you fall short, and focus your efforts accordingly.
  • Read other writers. It’s OK to emulate your heroes. Take a page from Hugo, Melville, Woolf, Rowling, Hurston or whoever inspires you, and let the wafting vapors of their genius lift your own prose.
  • Learn more about your audience. For whom are you writing? Which reader problems can you help solve? As Henneke writes: “Good writers have a pathological interest in their readers and understand their dreams, fears and secret wishes. As a good writer, you’re a mentor to your reader. You tell her you understand her problems, explain how to solve them, and encourage her to implement your advice.”
  • Make each part of your story structure sing. Start with a “powerful headline” and a zippy opening. Then, provide a “valuable main body” of text, and finish strong with an “inspirational closing.”
  • Master basic writing techniques. Use vivid language that’ll whet your audience’s appetite, compose “smooth transitions,” and write “bite-size, simple and meaningful sentences.”

There’s much more sound advice in the infographic; wend your way through the whole thing.

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