Infographic: 33 percent of millennials say befriending colleagues helps them succeed at work

Can making friends with your co-workers help you do your job better? An infographic from LinkedIn suggests it can.

Are you friends with any of your co-workers, or are your fellow employees just the people you’re stuck with for eight hours a day?

If you don’t see the value of befriending your co-workers, you may want to reconsider, an infographic from LinkedIn recommends.

According to the graphic, 18 percent of professionals say friendships with co-workers make them more competitive in their careers, and one-third of millennials believe socializing with their colleagues could help them climb the corporate ladder. (Only 5 percent of Baby Boomers agree, however.)

Plus, 46 percent of professionals believe being friends with their co-workers makes them happier, and one in three professionals in India say their co-workers understand them better than their partners.

What do you think? Is it good to befriend the people you work with?

Check out the full graphic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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