Infographic: 5 types of toxic employees (and how to work with them)

Slackers, socialites and sociopaths can make your work life much harder than it needs to be, but there are ways to co-exist. Consider this advice.

Offices teem with unique personalities.

While you try to get along with everyone—whether or not you like each other you have to work together-some people make their co-workers’ lives extra difficult.

Consider, for example, the five personalities this infographic from GetVoIP describes:

1. The hot mess: This person is disorganized, unreliable and just can’t get the work done. Because others must correct his mistakes and help with his work, he frustrates co-workers and slows down projects.

How to work with this person: Offer extra training and schedule regular check-ins.

2. The slacker: This person is always looking for ways to avoid work. He hopes others will pick up his slack, and doesn’t care what management thinks of him.

How to work with this person: Impose unscheduled check-ins and reward effort.

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3. The martyr: This person takes on as many projects as possible, but complains about everything she’s sacrificing to get the work done. She wants control over projects, and won’t accept help. Martyrs are prone to burnout.

How to work with this person: Enforce delegation, promote teamwork and insist she take paid time off.

4. The socialite: This person loves to chat and have fun at the office, but all of her socializing prevents her—and everyone she talks to—from getting things done. Socialites are distracting and stoke office drama.

How to work with this person: Schedule designated social events and redirect her energy and interpersonal skills to work-related tasks.

5. The sociopath: This person is a manipulative bully who has issues with protocol and authority. Because he creates a hostile environment, he brings down co-workers’ morale and effectiveness.

How to work with this person: Set strict anti-bullying policies, take co-worker complaints seriously and document negative behavior.

Have you worked with any of these personalities? Check out the infographic for more tips on how to co-exist with them:

(View a larger image.) ​

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