Infographic: 52 percent of managers don’t act on employee-survey findings

And when employees complete surveys, they know their managers won’t care about their answers. Read on for more sobering statistics about employee surveys.

Four out of five employees don’t believe their managers would act on anything an employee engagement survey uncovered, an infographic from Officevibe says.

That might sound cynical, but those four employees have good gut instincts. According to the infographic, 52 percent of managers look at the survey results but don’t take any action.

The infographic shares many other statistics about employee engagement surveys. Most reveal how out of touch managers are with how their workers feel.

For example, 48 percent of managers say employee surveys are highly valuable, but 45 percent of employees say the surveys have little to no value. And while 52 percent of senior managers say employee surveys provide very accurate assessments of how employees feel, 48 percent of employees disagree.

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Check out the infographic for more:

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