Infographic: 56 percent of millennials regularly read newspapers

Does that figure surprise you? Here’s what millennials think about the medium, and how they access its content.

If you had to guess how many millennials read newspaper content every week, what would your guess be?

Twenty percent? Thirty percent?

It’s actually 56 percent, an infographic from the Newspaper Association of America says. That figure includes both those who read print newspapers and their online counterparts.

It turns out that, despite some assumptions of older generations, millennials still get their news from newspapers.

As a communicator, here’s what you need to know about what millennials think of the medium:

  • Millennials trust newspapers more than other sources of information.
  • Sixty percent of those aged 18 to 34 who read their local newspaper or newspaper website believe it is trustworthy.
  • More than half (55 percent) of millennials who read local print newspapers believe the papers operate ethically and have the public’s best interest in mind.
  • More than 70 percent (72 percent) of millennials would rather be the source of news for a friend than vice versa.

Here’s how millennials consume newspaper content (Hint: They love mobile.):

  • Of the millennials who are online, 71 percent access digital newspaper content every month.
  • Three million millennials consume newspaper content on mobile devices only.
  • Millennials who have read a newspaper in the past week are 112 percent more likely to have used a mobile device to access it.

Check out the full graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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