Infographic: 75 percent of Americans have used their phone in the bathroom

But the most popular bathroom reading material is still magazines. If you’ve ever wondered what people read when they close that bathroom door, this infographic has the answers.

Have you ever used your phone in the bathroom?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

An infographic from (that explains what people read in the bathroom) reports that 75 percent of Americans have used their phones in the bathroom. In fact, 24 percent say they don’t go to the bathroom without their phones. But these people aren’t just surfing the Web to pass time:

  • Sixty-seven percent read texts.
  • Sixty-three percent answer calls (unfortunately for the person on the other end).
  • Forty-two read emails.
  • Thirty-eight percent surf the Web.

Check out the infographic for more than you may have ever wanted to know about what people read behind the powder room door.

(View a larger image.)

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