Infographic: 8 hot graphic design trends

Expect more pops of vivid color, hand-drawn illustrations and authentic stock photos.

If you favor muted, staid or conservative colors, 2019 might not be your year.

The visual virtuosi at Venngage have prepared a splashy infographic that predicts which design trends will rule in the coming year.

The piece offers eight ways to gain a graphic design edge, including these bright suggestions:

  • Pops of vibrant hues. The piece states: “As brands try to grab your attention and stand out more against the competition, vivid color palettes are becoming more popular.” Shield your eyes, people.
  • Strong typographic focal points. If you’re not catering to customers on mobile devices, you could be losing loads of business. Venngage suggests using big, bold typefaces and readable fonts that present well on smartphones.
  • Dynamic and detailed hand-drawn illustrations. Watch for more original art to grab attention in 2019. If you don’t have a designer or gifted doodler in house, you might consider ponying up for the services of a local artist. All other things being equal, the tie frequently goes to the company that features striking, compelling, eye-catching custom artwork.
  • Authentic and genuine stock photos. Could this be the year we finally see the demise of the “happy staffers jumping in unison” or “businessman giving thumbs up”? Venngage predicts that we’ll see “more stock photos that look like they were taken with someone’s phone or personal camera.”

Let’s just hope we’ve not seen the last of “nun discovering the joys of the ocean.”

Peruse the rest of Venngage’s helpful infographic to learn more.

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