Infographic: 8 in 10 employees will quit if they don’t receive proper job training

Your organization’s employee engagement levels might be suffering because workers aren’t getting the training they need, this infographic says.

We talk often about things organizations do to chase away their best employees. One bad practice that frequently pops up on these lists is a lack of training and development.

An infographic from examines how organizations can ensure that employees get the practical training they need to do their jobs better and thus be more engaged with their work. According to the infographic, eight in 10 employees will leave a job if the organization doesn’t teach them how to do it effectively.

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A few other statistics from the infographic:

  • Seventy-six percent of employees said opportunity for growth was the primary reason they stayed at an organization.
  • The most engaged employees are those who work for managers who give honest feedback; the least engaged employees are those whose managers who give little or no feedback.
  • Eighty-six percent of employees say they learn what they need to know to do their jobs by working with others.
  • Fifty-two percent of American workers say they learn best through hands-on training.

Check out the infographic below for more:

(View a larger image.) ​

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