Infographic: 8 social media posts your organization must avoid

Keep your followers happy with these tips on sidestepping common digital pitfalls.

How much do you plan to invest in social media this year?

For most marketers and PR pros, the answer comes to a substantial dollar figure. However, gaffes and missteps can undo all your best online marketing efforts.

Some mistakes can be worse than having no social media presence at all.

This infographic from Red Web Design shares some key errors that brand managers and social media teams should be sure to avoid.

They include:

  • Content that doesn’t align with branding or contains typos
  • Unattributed content
  • Forays into political or religious topics
  • Posting only ads and sales pitches

Consult the full infographic to see what mistakes you and your team must avoid if you wish to keep expanding your social media audience.

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