Infographic: 9 tips to keep your remote workers engaged

First and foremost, give your colleagues absolute clarity on roles and expectations. Check in regularly, and go out of your way to offer them professional development opportunities.

Chances are, your company relies on workers hither and yon to get the job done.

How do you keep those out-of-office folks engaged, inspired and happy to be on board?

The Business Backer serves up an infographic with nine ideas to shepherd your dispersed, global flock. Here are a few highlights:

  • Establish absolute clarity on roles and expectations. Remote staffers should have a list of time-bound “deliverables” and projects they’re responsible for, as well as guidance on how their role fits into the bigger company picture. It’s also crucial to communicate regularly with remote workers to ensure everyone remains on the same page.
  • Facilitate bonding, friendship and openness. The infographic says that trust, or the absence thereof, is the chief cause of team dysfunction. The graphic advises starting meetings with a few minutes’ worth of personal news, or asking everyone to tout a recent achievement (work or otherwise). If you work with extreme introverts who’d rather die than do something like this, or if you suspect a colleague has something going on, you might consider a more discreet, personal chat. Either way, show you genuinely care for and appreciate your people.
  • Offer development opportunities. Beyond expressing concern for a person’s emotional or physical well-being, giving folks an opportunity to learn a new skill or pursue a passion project demonstrates meaningful support. According to the infographic, 76 percent of millennials view “professional development opportunities” as one of the most important benefits companies can offer, so you might consider creating a personalized development program for your top performers.

Without the benefit of body language, proximity or office-bound camaraderie, it’s tough to gauge how people are doing. It’s not impossible, however. Review the rest of the infographic below for more tips on engaging and motivating your unsung heroes around the world.


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