Infographic: A beginner’s guide to crafting visual content

Corporate communicators have many roles, and the latest seems to be that of graphic designer. If you need to create images but aren’t sure where to begin, this infographic can help.

It seems visual content is all communicators talk about these days.

You know images grab people’s attention and are more interesting to look at than a block of text, but if you aren’t a graphic designer, photographer or artist, creating an appealing image from scratch isn’t easy.

Thankfully, an infographic from Quicksprout can help. It lists some visual-design tools that offer templates and basic editing, and it suggests a few tips for keeping your photos in line with your brand. For example:

  • Find a photo filter you like, and use it consistently. Using the same filter on all your photos will keep branding consistent and make your photos recognizable to customers.
  • Choose colors carefully. Different colors trigger different emotions (e.g., purple sparks feelings of creativity and wisdom, and red evokes feelings of youth and excitement). Consider which emotions you want viewers to feel when they see your content, and use the corresponding hues.
  • Use grids. Arranging images into a grid or putting a frame around a photo makes your content more appealing.

Check out the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.) ​

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