Infographic: A social media manager’s guide to staying organized

When you juggle multiple social-media profiles, important to-dos are bound to slip through the cracks. Use this checklist to stay on track and keep your online presence vibrant.

Do you die a little every time a new social network debuts, because your schedule is so over-loaded that you simply don’t have time to manage another one?

Do you have sticky notes plastered around your desk reminding you to schedule a Facebook post, promote a new product on Instagram or use a specific hashtag across networks?

If your social-media management strategy (or lack thereof) is disorganized and wearing you down, this infographic from The Whole Brain Group is for you. It’s a handy checklist of important tasks you should complete to keep your social media profiles vibrant and engaging. It also provides space for you to personalize each task to your organization.

For example, here’s a peek at some of the recommended Instagram tasks:

  • Add original content ____ times a week.
  • Promote at least ____ posts from influencers and thought leaders each week.
  • Follow and feature at least ____ customers or followers each week.
  • Add multiple, relevant hashtags to each post.

Ready to get organized? Check out the full infographic here:

(View a larger image.)

This article first appeared on in March 2016.


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