Infographic: Avoid these 6 cringe-worthy social media behaviors

Promoting your organization too much, not replying to messages and misusing slang can alienate you from consumers and set you apart as a bad example of online branding.

Social media management might seem easy, but many brand managers have proven it’s not a cakewalk.

In 2017, one would think that brand managers have completely mastered the art of communicating with their followers on social platforms. However, if you scroll through PR Daily’s stories—recent months included—you’ll find example after example of brand managers that still don’t get it.

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes, and the majority of social media managers I’ve known over the years have proven to be competent, talented people. Then there are the outliers: brand managers whose Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Snapchat presence is so weak and tired that you wonder why they even bother.

Avoid sending your organization to the social media hall of shame by taking action. Avoid these all-too-common online mistakes, courtesy of CJG Digital Marketing:

1. Having too many promotional messages

2. Posting irrelevant information

3. Tweeting too much

4. Using slang or jargon awkwardly

5. Being too quiet

6. Not replying to messages

Check out the infographic below for social media best practices and guidance on how to avoid these pitfalls:

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