Infographic: Better rapport with managers makes employees work harder

Sixty percent of employees say they would work harder if they had better relationships with their managers. Read on to see how you can improve morale on your team.

Managers, do you have good relationships with your staff?

If you don’t, they may not be working as hard or well as they could. An infographic from Pepperdine University says 60 percent of employees would work harder if their relationships with their managers were better.

Employees want to be on good terms with their bosses: Only 35 percent of workers say they would prefer a pay raise over a better boss.

If you think your relationships with your reports could be better, the graphic offers tips to connect better with your team.

For example, one in five employees feel that trust is the most important component of an employee-boss relationship. To show your team members you’re trustworthy:

  • Listen to them—whether they have information you want to hear or not.
  • Inspire, not intimidate them.
  • Follow through on goals while being consistent and transparent.
  • Take initiative and solve problems. Don’t wait for someone else to figure things out.

For more ways to improve your office relationships, take a look at the graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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