Infographic: Brands on social media are 57 percent more likely to increase sales leads

Organizations active on social media not only get more leads, but have more engaged workers and are seen as fiercer competitors.

Would you like your organization to attract the best employees in your industry?

Would you like to increase sales leads?

Do you want your organization to be seen as a fierce competitor?

Then become more active on social media, an infographic from LinkedIn and Altimeter Group advises.

The more engaged organizations are on social media (specifically LinkedIn), the more engaged, optimistic and inspired their employees are. And the happier your employees are, the better your organization performs.

According to the graphic, employees at socially engaged companiesare:

  • Twenty-seven percent more likely to feel optimistic about their organizations’ futures.
  • Twenty percent more likely to stay at their organizations.
  • Fifteen percent more likely to feel connected to co-workers outside of their immediate teams.

The infographic also explains that socially engaged companies are:

  • Forty percent more likely to be seen as competitive.
  • Fifty-seven percent more likely to see an increase in sales leads.
  • Fifty-eight percent more likely to attract top talent.

You shouldn’t need any more reasons to up your organization’s social media use, but in case you do, take a look at the infographic:

(View a larger image.)

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