Infographic: Content creation vs. content sharing

They’re both valuable content marketing tools, but you must strike the right balance.

A strong content marketing strategy is all about balance.

Brands should cultivate an appropriate mix of industry-level expertise, along with promotional posts and content about their own products and services. Too much reliance on one of these will either lead you to come up short in reaching your marketing goals or cause people to tune out altogether.

So, how do you find that balance? And how do you go about getting buy-in from the exec level for creating this mix?

If I’ve learned anything over the last few years working in content marketing, it’s that executives love numbers. For instance, 94 percent of search engine users will click on an organic search result over a pay-per-click link. That means your owned content has to be on-point from an SEO standpoint.

Also, 71 percent of B2B buyers get their information online, so they might as well be getting that industry-level content from you, right?

The following infographic from RebuildNation outlines these and other data points that should help guide you in your effort to find that elusive content balance in your own efforts. (Click here for a larger image.)

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