Infographic: Content marketing tips from A to Z

Bookmark your blogs. Curate helpful articles. Alphabetized for your convenience, here’s a batch of advice about how to promote your pieces.

A heaping majority of online content is useless debris.

If the internet is a vast ocean, much of what we wade through every day is the messaging equivalent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Escaping this swirling vortex of refuse requires a comprehensive content strategy.

PageTraffic has an infographic that can help. The piece provides 40 helpful hints to propel you toward content marketing success. Using the letters of the alphabet as a guide, the infographic promotes the following advice:

  • A is for, where you can score a “follow” link—and a steady flow of traffic if you keep cranking out the goods.
  • Bookmark your blog posts. The graphic suggests doing so on sites such as, and (if you’re a WordPress user).
  • Curate your content. Make good use of, Flipboard and Storify.
  • Submit your content to Digg. The platform has waned in popularity, but it still attracts plenty of eyeballs.
  • Email your list. Build your list, segment it, and use email to promote your content.
  • Find relevant Facebook groups.
  • Find relevant Google+ communities.
  • Analyze your competitors’ histories. Use Buzzsumo to check your rivals’ backlink history and to see how your content shares compare with theirs.

You get the idea. The prompts and pointers go all the way to Z.

Ultimately, don’t be a content polluter. Build your work into a healthy ecosystem—a thriving reef where all sorts of creatures can find refuge from the great swaths of internet trash.

Review the rest of the infographic below for reminders to stay on course.

Content Marketing A Z A to Z of Content Marketing: A 40 Point Content Marketing Checklist!


28 Responses to “Infographic: Content marketing tips from A to Z”

    ClearHolidays says:

    People often think of content marketing to monetize websites but rather should promote using social media platforms. Your blog is a wonderful post and stepping stone for young bloggers.

    Mozie says:

    Hey Robby

    Thanks for the awesome tips and resources. I’m looking to design a few infographics of my own to show people a layout for creating an online business using PLR content. I’ll check out the resources.

    Have a good one!


    Vipin Kumar says:

    We really appreciate your blog post. There are actually a multitude of techniques. We can put it to really good use by using no effort on time and financial resources. Thank you so much!

    Rahul says:

    The, Flipboard and Storify are great platforms for content marketing. Curating your content on these platforms gives it more exposure. Find other relevant social media communities to share the content. Daily Headlines

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