Infographic: Create good content in 9 steps

Don’t create content for content’s sake. Ensure everything you produce provides value when you follow these nine steps.

As obvious as it sounds, a key element of content marketing is good content.

But how often do you just churn out sub-par content just to get it done?

To consistently create good content quickly, all you have to do is follow nine simple steps, an infographic from Spundge says. Here are the first four:

1. Think about what you know.

Getting started is the hardest part. To jumpstart the process, make a list of your organization’s products or services, topics you or your customers want to learn about and hot topics in the industry. Update this list frequently, and use it for ideas.

2. Find good sources.

Make a second list of books, blogs, websites and other resources that report on your industry. You can use these resources to back up your points, lead you to new ones or spark ideas.

3. Read.

Read the material on your list of sources. Analyze why you do or don’t enjoy it.

4. Save things.

If you read something that sparks an idea or makes you think, file it so you can reference it for inspiration later.

Check out the infographic for the other five steps:

(View a larger image.)

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