Infographic: Email design trends that are dominating 2019

Implementing innovative tactics in your messaging could help generate more leads and increase conversions. Consider these insights when creating—or updating—your marketing strategy.

Email marketing has a proven track record of success, but brand managers must be willing to adapt if they want to continue to reap the benefits of this powerful marketing channel.

Technological advancements are allowing for more engaging messages to be sent to users’ inboxes. Sending an email that loads slowly or features low-quality images will probably end up in readers’ digital dumpster bins.

According to an infographic from Email Uplers, readers want visually compelling, interactive emails. The guide asserts that savvy marketers should tap into advancements including higher-quality visuals, Advanced Mobile Pages (AMP) and intelligent design such as embedding surveys.

Additional insights include:

  • Ditch the standard header image, email copy and call to action layout for something more innovative.
  • Integrate your digital and email marketing by inserting live social media feeds into your emails.
  • Play around with fonts and typography to make your messages stand out.

For more email design trends marketers should be keeping an eye on, check out the full infographic.

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