Infographic: Email marketing is more effective than social media

Those sound like fighting words, but this infographic has the facts to back it up.

We can’t all be blessed with a big marketing budget.

If your organization pulls the purse strings, you know the pain of cutting back on one communication tactic to get another to perform better.

If you’ve ever had to choose which marketing effort to cut back on, an infographic from HostPapa may make your choice more clear. It pits email marketing against social media.

In the final tally, the infographic found email to be superior. Below are a few ways email beats out social media:

More people check their email than go on social media: While 61 percent of Internet users access social media, 94 percent send or read emails.

More people want brands to communicate with them via email: Seventy-five percent of online adults report email as their preferred marketing method.

Email provides more marketing features than social media: Email has better analytics than social media, and allows for more creativity. For example, most social networks have character and media limits (Instagram and Pinterest only allow photos and videos, and Twitter only gives you 140 characters.). Email has no character limits, and allows you to use any format.

Take a look at the full infographic for more on the benefits of email marketing:

(View a larger image.)

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