Infographic: Essentials for an effective online newsroom

It’s not enough to have a page on your website that lists links to your latest press releases. The best corporate newsrooms have images, video and infographics.

Do you optimize your organization’s press releases for search engines?

Do you send reporters infographics that illustrate the findings from your latest report?

Does your organization’s online newsroom have a video gallery?

If you don’t do these things, you should, a recent report from PRESSfeed and the Society for New Communications Research says.

The report examines current media trends and suggests ways organizations can take advantage of them to land more coverage.

One trend the report discusses is online newsrooms. An infographic that accompanies the report shared a few reasons why online newsrooms are important.

One reason is that journalists (and their audiences) want more visual content. Corporate online newsrooms that have image galleries with high- and low-resolution images, video galleries with video embed codes, and infographics to accompany press releases and reports can help their organizations land more coverage.

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For more, check out the infographic here.

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