Infographic: Half of employees don’t feel recognized at work

Why your employees might not be the happy campers they pretend to be.

In the world of large business and corporate bureaucracy, keeping your workers satisfied isn’t easy. Employee ideas get lost, workers get dissatisfied, and as a result, your company is not a happy place to work.

According to a study by Maritz Motivation Solutions, summarized in this infographic, only 45.3 percent of employees feel recognized in a meaningful way.

Employees stated they:

  • Didn’t feel completely satisfied in their job (80.4 percent).
  • Had no desire to spend the rest of their career with their current company (71.4 percent).
  • Didn’t feel motivated to go beyond their job responsibilities to get the job done (58.3 percent).

The study also polled employees to find out how they classified themselves. They fell into four categories:

  • Altruists: Employees who make a difference in the workplace (17 percent)
  • Drivers: Those that push the company onward and upward (24 percent)
  • Pioneers: Employees who continually ask the question “What’s next?” (26 percent)
  • Stabilizers: Those who don’t deviate from the plan and “stay the course.” (33 percent)

Check out the full infographic.

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