Infographic: How AI advances have affected email tactics

Machine learning and automation are revolutionizing how marketers use email. Here are some features to employ immediately in your campaigns.

How is artificial intelligence (AI) affecting PR?

The gadgets in the communicator’s toolbox are getting more sophisticated all the time.

However, many software companies will try to sell you on the latest fad without considering its real application to your daily tasks. PR pros are right to ask: “How does artificial intelligence help me with what I have to do right now?”

One way AI can provide a real lift is via email marketing and messaging.

This infographic from Connext Digital shares seven different ways artificial intelligence can help communicators build stronger email campaigns.

Top features include:

  • Predictive personalization. Personalizing your message has been proven to increase open and click-through rates. Your AI should help you target your messages more selectively.
  • Send time optimization. AI can help you know the best time to send your emails.
  • Beyond A/B testing. Good AI should be able to offer insights into how your campaign is doing and even help you adjust on the fly.

To learn more about what you should expect from AI and how to incorporate it into your marketing toolbox, read the full infographic.

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