Infographic: How and why to eliminate business babble

Corporate communicators still insist on achieving ‘synergy,’ ‘pushing the envelope’ and ‘moving the needle’ with empty jargon. Consider these alternatives for clearer, more substantive language.

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Do you have the bandwidth to push the envelope, touch everyone’s base and break down those silos to foster clearer communication at your company?

SnapComms has created an infographic to help those keen on replacing the low-hanging fruit of useless corporate jargon with meatier language fare. Classic examples of vacuous company-speak include “run it up the flag pole,” which the graphic suggests transforming into the more palatable “try it and see.” There’s also “synergize,” which just means “work together.”

The infographic highlights more empty calories, such as “don’t let the grass grow too long.” This vague exhortation is used to convey a sense of urgency, but it’s more likely to elicit eye rolls. Try a substitute like “do it quickly,” as the graphic suggests.

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