Infographic: How blogging boosts your bottom line

It’s time to tell executives that your corporate blog is making them money. Here are the statistics they ought to see.

If you work with executives, you know that they respond to numbers.

To get leaders on board with any communications initiative, you have to show them how your idea will make money, save money or help them accomplish a goal.

If you’ve been trying to convince your executives that your organization should start a blog or devote more resources to one, this infographic from Quicksprout can help. It explains how blogging contributes to an organization’s bottom line, offering a few interesting statistics.

For example, 57 percent of organizations with a blog have acquired a customer from the blog, and organizations with brand-centric blogs see 80 percent more visits to their websites.

Organizations with more than 200 blog posts get 4.6 times more traffic than those with fewer than 20 blog posts.

Additionally, 61 percent of U.S. shoppers say a blog post induced them to make a purchase.

To arm yourself with even more information for your meeting with the CEO, take a look at the infographic:

(View a larger image.) ​

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