Infographic: How internal communicators use social media

See how your peers learn about social media, which social networks their organizations use, and much more.

As the year winds down, it’s helpful to take a look at the state of the internal communications industry.

Are you keeping up with — or staying ahead of — your peers? Should you set higher goals for next year?

Frankly, what’s everybody up to?

All Things IC recently polled more than 100 internal communications professionals to find out how they use social media and, with Sequel Group, compiled the results into an infographic.

Here are a few of the most interesting findings:

If you have an internal social network in your organization, what do you use?

  • Yammer (41 percent)
  • Snapcomms (37 percent)
  • SharePoint (26 percent)
  • Lync (15 percent)

How do you learn about using social media for internal communication?

  • Blogs (72.4 percent)
  • Talking with colleagues and my network (67.3 percent)
  • LinkedIn groups (53.1 percent)
  • Conferences (50 percent)

Do you expect your use of social media in your professional life to:

  • Increase? (89 percent)
  • Stay the same? (10 percent)
  • Decrease? (1 percent)

If you have an internal social network in your organization, did you define what you wanted it to achieve before it launched?

  • We don’t have an internal social network (35 percent)
  • No (27 percent)
  • I’m not sure (20 percent)
  • Yes (18 percent)

Check out the rest of the results:

(View a larger image.)

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