Infographic: How marketers can make the most of augmented reality

Technology that interacts with real-life actions is no longer solely the stuff of science fiction. Consider these ways this visual enhancement can boost your marketing efforts.

Marketers and PR pros are constantly looking for an edge—something to help them cut through the overwhelming chatter that drowns out many messages.

Communicators can now make their stories more compelling with augmented reality. Unlike virtual reality, which attempts to create an immersive digital experience, augmented reality overlays digital information onto real-life situations to enhance the audience experience.

For example, a furniture retailer such as Ikea can help customers envisage a furniture purchase with an app that places a piece in your room via the magic of technology.

As these offerings become more common, it’s more and more important to incorporate such tools into your campaigns.

This infographic from CleverTap details how PR pros and marketers can use augmented reality right away.

It suggests:

  • Help customers visualize potential purchases.
  • Attract customers with displays and discounts.
  • Re-engage visitors with push notifications.

To learn how augmented reality can boost your bottom line, read the full infographic.


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