Infographic: How often you should blog to attract more customers

This infographic also explains how often you should post to the major social networks to get the most engagement from your followers. Do you agree with these numbers?

Have you ever wondered how many blog posts your corporate blog should publish each week, or how many times per day you should post to Instagram?

An infographic from SumAll and Buffer has the answer. It explains how often you should post to the major social networks—Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter—as well as to your blog.

It recommends publishing blog posts twice a week (organizations that blog six to eight times per month almost double their leads) and posting to Instagram twice a day. You can post to Instagram more often without seeing a drop in engagement, but shooting all those photos can be hard to keep up.

What do you think of these numbers? How often do online communicators for your organization blog or post to social media to get the most engagement?

Take a look at the infographic:

(View a larger image.) ​

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