Infographic: How PR pros can reach journalists

As newsroom numbers decline and the communication industry grows, securing headlines is harder than ever. The infographic reveals how you can cut through the noise.

If you’ve been working in the PR industry for more than five years, you might have noticed that the way you interact with journalists today has changed considerably.

The very face of journalism has been undergoing a seismic shift over the past several years as more of their ranks join ours, and as the definition of journalist is expanding to include bloggers, vloggers and social media “influencers.” Because there are so many pros on the PR side, but a steadily declining number of journalists, it’s becoming harder to successfully reach reporters and secure coverage.

New research from Babbler reveals why it might be harder to reach reporters. For example, 44 percent of journalists are receiving up to 100 pitches per day in their mailboxes. They’re also busy: More than half (56 percent) of reporters write up to five stories per week, and 19 percent write five to 10 articles per week.

Even though it seems like there are fewer journalists, it doesn’t mean that PR pros have fewer contacts. Babbler reports that in the last 17 years, the average contact list of PR Professionals grew from 50 key journalists to 1500 (and sometimes, up to 5000) media targets.

No wonder journalists think 90 percent of press releases’ content is uninteresting.

For more on the changing face of journalism (and what PR pros should do to cut through the noise) check out Babbler’s infographic:

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