Infographic: How to create a mobile app people will love

Developing an app requires a lot of planning and strategy, but these tips can lead you to success.

In 2013, Apple reported that customers downloaded about 800 apps per second.

To be frank, that is a lot of apps.

It’s easy to see why organizations long to make apps of their own, but they shouldn’t rush the process. Before you jump into the app-building process, consider this infographic from Apadmi. It offers 10 tips every organization should know before creating an app, whether it’s for employees or customers.

Here are a few of the tips:

1. Be clear about why you are building the app.

Why are you building the app, and who is it for? Don’t move forward until you can answer these questions. If you just want people to be able to access your brand from a mobile device, create a mobile website—not an app.

2. Understand your target users.

You’ve decided who the app is for, but now you need to get to know that audience. Are they technologically savvy or novices? When do you expect them to use the app? What kind of mobile devices will they use?

3. Know what your app will do.

This tip sounds basic, but it actually requires a lot of thought. Your app should fulfill a specific need. Describe in detail how your app meets that need so the development team can create what you want.

4. Design an intuitive user experience.

People are used to well-designed apps, and have come to expect them. They won’t use your app if it isn’t intuitive and easy to navigate. Consider the differences between the Apple and Android platforms, and design accordingly.

For tips on how to choose a development team and launch your app, check out the graphic below:

(View a larger image.)

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