Infographic: How to double your Slideshare views

Here are the qualities of the top Slideshare presentations. Incorporate some of them into your next presentation to attract more viewers.

Slideshare gets more than 53 million unique page views a week. Executives and business owners use it five times more than any other social network.

Slideshare presentations appear in Google searches, can be embedded into a website, blog or social media profile, and can be shared publicly or privately.

Slideshare can do a lot for your organization. Are you using it?

An infographic from WhoIsHostingThis lists a few ways you can easily double the views your Slideshare presentations get. For example, here are some of the qualities the top Slideshare presentations of 2013 had in common:

  • A clean look: Keep slides clean and simple; empty space gives viewers a visual break and helps them concentrate on your point.
  • Concise titles: The same headline rules that you follow for blog or social media posts apply here. Be direct, and include numbers when you can.
  • Links: Provide links to additional resources or your website to keep viewers engaged with the information and your organization.
  • A consistent style: Use the same colors and fonts throughout your presentation. Avoid red text; it’s hard to read on a screen.

Take a look at the infographic for more:

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