Infographic: How to get your CEO on social media

If your leaders are reluctant to have an online presence, this guide can help you not only make a case for it, but also coach your executives through the process.

So, your chief executive wants to be on social media?

Perhaps more accurately, you want your CEO to have a social media presence, but don’t know how to get him to do it.

If your chief executive is ready to take the plunge—or just dip his toes—into the social media pool, this infographic from MDG Advertising makes that potentially painful process easier.

It lists (in part):

  • Perks of having leaders who are active online (78 percent of marketers say it has a positive effect on an organization’s reputation)
  • Which social network is easiest to start with (LinkedIn) and why
  • Best practices (CEOs don’t have to post every update themselves, but they should be aware of each one)

Whether your leaders are eager to have an online presence or have yet to see the value of doing so, this infographic is a helpful guide.

Do you and your CEO have a social media game plan? What challenges did you face while creating one? What’s your best advice for communicators beginning the process? Please share your wisdom below.

(View a larger image.)

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