Infographic: How to keep the writing wick lit year-round

Keep the ideas flowing by prioritizing idea generation and tapping into what feeds your soul.

If you rely on sheer willpower and rigid discipline to sustain your writing career, good luck.

Stoking the creative fire every day does require grit and determination, but, to reach a higher, more sustainable level of productivity, writers must tap into something deeper.

Enchanting Marketing has posted a marvelous infographic that offers tips to upgrade efficiency and unleash a steady stream of ideas. Instead of just rolling out of bed and hoping for the best, the graphic recommends:

1. Remind yourself why you want to write, and rediscover the joy of writing. Writing should be fun, right? As the infographic states, “chores lead to procrastination,” so a mindset shift may be in order. Rather than viewing writing tasks as a laborious grind, try taking a more sanguine outlook. Consider the reasons behind what you’re doing, whether it’s to expand your business, earn a paycheck or express ideas.

Make a conscious effort to wring pleasure out of each paragraph, and be sure to muster an attitude of gratitude. Categorize writing as something you “get to do”—not “have to do.” As the infographic says: “When you choose to write, it becomes a joy.”

2. Make idea generation a habit. Don’t just sit around waiting for creative lightning to strike. To become more intentional about idea generation, the infographic says to:

  • Nurture your observation skills, and collect examples, mistakes, questions, stories and problems
  • Schedule monthly or quarterly brainstorm sessions
  • Log ideas so you never run out of inspiration

3. Follow your curiosity. Prioritize the needs of your audience, but consider what interests you, too. The infographic encourages writers to explore topics that “excite you” and “make your heart sing.”

4. To beat procrastination, cut the writing process into small steps. If you have a large project looming, slice it up into more manageable bits. Break your days into time-bound blocks, and avoid juggling simultaneous tasks.

For writing projects, the infographic advises setting aside the first day for picking an idea and writing an outline. On day two, do research. The next day, write your first draft. Set aside the next day for revising and editing.

For the word-weary and uninspired, the graphic below offers sweet relief. Read on for helpful guidance to keep the creative wick lit throughout 2018.

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