Infographic: How to measure social media ROI

This infographic lists what you need to measure and the tools you need to do it.

I know, I know. Measuring social media is a pain.

But you have to do it. You need to prove that your campaigns drive sales and that your work is important. You need to measure social media whether you like it or not.

Thankfully an infographic from Infographic World can make the task a little easier. It explains what you should measure on each social network, lists site-specific measurement tools, describes several monitoring dashboard tools and more.

First things first, here is what you should measure:

1. Referral traffic: See how much traffic your social media pages drive to your website. You can do this in Google Analytics.

2. Content quality and relevance: You can measure this by looking at your unique page views, time on page and total pages viewed.

3. Share of voice: Determine share of voice with this equation: Number of mentions of your brand divided by the total number of mentions of competitor brands.

4. Community size and engagement: You’ll need a social customer relationship management tool to measure your community and its engagement level. The infographic recommends Sprout Social.

5. Sentiment: Only a human can accurately determine how customers feel about a brand. To track sentiment, go through all of your brand’s mentions and tag them as positive, negative or neutral. You want more positive mentions than anything else.

Take a look at the graphic for more on social media measurement tools and shortcuts.

(View a larger image.)

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