Infographic: How to spend your content marketing budget

Are you curious about how big brands allocate their money on content marketing, or about what you should be doing with yours? Read on for the answers.

Coca-Cola spends more money on content marketing than on television ads.

There are 135 people on Red Bull’s content marketing and media strategy team.

These statistics from a recent Express Writers infographic prompt the question: How should you be allocating your content marketing budget?

The answers lie no further than the infographic below. To get you started, consider this advice:

  • Hire or outsource good writers. Sixty-two percent of marketers outsource their content marketing.
  • Have a strategy. Forty-eight percent of B2B marketers have at least one content marketing strategy, and only 35 percent measure their results.
  • Focus on building a blog. Blogs help websites boost their SEO rankings.
  • Invest in visual content. Eighty-two percent of organizations are prioritizing visuals in the marketing budgets.

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Look at the infographic for more guidance:

(View a larger image.)

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