Infographic: How to train employees to handle social media

Seventy-six percent of companies don’t have a clearly-defined policy. This graphic outlines some pointers to get you started.

A lot of articles, conference speakers and social media specialists have probably told you to get your employees on social media. They’ve shared fantastic stories about employees who put out fires on Facebook and provide excellent customer service on Twitter.

Involving employees on social media sounds great, but how do you make sure they don’t share their personal opinions about your company, or financials?

An infographic from Mindflash recommends separating employees into training groups based on their knowledge of social media and their ability to use it. The graphic recommends giving each group a different goal or way to use social media to help the company.

For example, employees who didn’t grow up with social media but understand it should focus on learning the platforms the company wants to use and brainstorming ways to engage on them. Digital contrarians, or those who believe social media is a fad, should learn how social platforms work and how they can help a company.

Take a look at the graphic for more tips: (View a larger image.)

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