Infographic: Tips to help middle managers soar and succeed

Internal communicators can map out the journey and destination, collect ‘passenger’ feedback, and consistently plan for turbulence.

Managers have an outsize influence on the route your company flies, and their communication skills can make productivity soar or leave it grounded.

Communicators have a hefty say in this managerial messaging matter—or at least they should. A high-flying Alive With Ideas infographic shares 10 aviation-themed tips that communicators can use to help managers create a smoother ride amid choppy corporate air.

The guidance includes:

  • Map out the journey. Make sure managers understand the big picture of what the company is trying to achieve and where you’re trying to land. Do your managers understand how success will be measured? Do they know who is responsible for what, and are they communicating such specifics to their teams?
  • Plan for turbulence. Everything’s peachy when the air’s smooth and the beverage cart is in motion. However, many managers shut down and disappear when things get shaky. The infographic says that communicators should encourage managers to communicate more—not less—when times get tough. Make sure your leads are informed, empowered and prepared to disseminate crucial messaging amid turbulence.
  • Pack the essentials. Make managers’ lives easier by providing a “communication toolkit,” the infographic advises, which might include conversation starters, bullet point messages or an FAQ sheet.
  • Collect passenger feedback. Hold managers accountable by consistently gathering insights and opinions from employees. Use feedback to determine strengths and weaknesses, and make managers aware of where improvements are needed.
  • Give three cheers. Lavish praise upon managers who prioritize communication, conversations and employee engagement. Publicly recognize those who strive for improvement, and laud leaders who keep their teams informed. (Public recognition can inspire others—and spark a bit of good-natured competition.)

How else can you help line managers soar and succeed? Read the rest of the infographic for more tips.

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