Infographic: Injecting childlike fun into communication

If the jaded adults on your team have lost their curiosity and creativity, take a page from preschool.

Adults are essentially overgrown kids who have lost their sense of wonder, humor and curiosity.

The pinching pressures of modern life tend to squeeze joy out of us, and it’s often our jobs that are the biggest boa constrictors around our bellies. This is where communicators can save the day—or at least help lighten and brighten your weary team’s spirits.

An infographic from Alive With Ideas offers 10 playful ideas to snap your internal teams out of a funk. Here are five tips worth their weight in Go-Gurt:

  • Encourage doodling during meetings. Doodling can relieve stress and even improve concentration. So, instead of enduring another boring meeting where everyone’s semi-surreptitiously checking their phones, pass around some paper and Crayolas. Who knows what sort of creative ideas you’ll generate? Your team’s sketches might even leave a cheeky legacy for future generations to behold.
  • Have a laugh. One study found that babies laugh more than 300 times a day, while adults barely crack 20 chuckles. This lack of levity is not good for us, as laughter promotes profound health benefits. How can you get your staffers to loosen up and laugh a little? Try mixing fun games into your routine, or encourage each person to share a video that makes them guffaw. When appropriate, sprinkle humor into your content. We could all use a good laugh.
  • Think of musical chairs. Kids tend to fidget and lose their minds if forced to sit for too long. Many adults do, too. Instead of making everyone plop into chairs for lengthy periods of time, try conducting quick, breezy standing meetings.
  • Offer snack time. Hungry people—big or small—can quickly turn into moody, emotional beasts. Encourage managers to keep food and drink on hand, and set a good example by bringing in “just because” doughnuts once in a while. A cooler full of Capri Sun and orange slices can do wonders for humans of all sizes.

Communication isn’t child’s play, but who says you can’t have fun on the job? Read the rest of Alive’s whimsical infographic for more fun ideas to boost creativity.

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