Infographic: Marketers reveal their biggest visual content challenges

Sixty percent of marketers believe visuals are integral to a marketing strategy, yet most don’t have the time, money or resources to create high-quality content. Can you relate?

How many times have you wished you had a staff photographer, videographer or graphic designer to bring all your visual content dreams to life?

Doesn’t that sound better than shamefully downloading a stock photo for that intranet article, employee newsletter or CEO blog post?

In an article for The Atlantic, Megan Garber wrote, “One of the more wacky/wondrous elements of stock photos is the manner in which, as a genre, they’ve developed a unifying editorial sensibility. To see a stock image is… to know you’re seeing a stock image.”

Many of us proclaim that the best content marketers create their own photos, videos and graphics and would never dream of resorting to stock photography, yet deadlines and ever-growing to-do lists force us to do just that.

You aren’t alone, though. An infographic from Venngage illustrates the results of a survey of 300 marketers about their 2016 visual marketing strategies and plans for 2017.

The survey found that, of all visual content types, marketers use stock photography most often. However, only 7 percent of marketers said these images prompt high engagement.

Seventy-one percent of marketers said they spend less than five hours a week creating visuals, and 36 percent said their biggest struggle with visual marketing is being able to consistently produce engaging content.

Any of this sound familiar?

The infographic also details how much money marketers plan to spend on visual content in 2017, as well as whether they’re able to hire in-house designers.

Check it out:

(View a larger image.)

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