Infographic: Neutralizing noisy co-workers to protect your productivity

In a collaborative environment with open office spaces and tight deadlines, it can be hard to stay on task. Here are some tips to deal with Noisy Nelsons and Loud Lucys.

PR might be a collaborative field—but sometimes you just need to get your work done.

Many communicators self-report as introverts, and that might mean they have a hard time dealing with loud co-workers who constantly interrupt their flow. Plus, with the rise of open office design, learning how to tune out the workplace world around you has never been more important.

This infographic from shares tips for staying focused and avoiding confrontations with obnoxious colleagues.

Tips include:

  • Wear noise-canceling  cancelling headphones.
  • Make use of an empty break room.
  • Always have an excuse ready.

The infographic also has some more humorous advice, like munching on garlic to ward off overly- friendly timewasters. 

Whether you need tactics to resolve a workplace issue, or a good chuckle to share with your officemate, check out the full infographic. 

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