Infographic: Nifty tips to use video for internal communication

Creating engaging, entertaining visual content can reduce training costs and boost morale—and even solidify your status as a workplace influencer. Here’s how to produce pieces that resonate.

Would you rather read a clunky chunk of text or watch a breezy, one-minute video?

Many reading this fine website might feel compelled to stick up for the classic one-pager, press release or all-staff email, but we readers are increasingly in the workplace minority.

An infographic created by One Productions makes the case for using more video for internal communication, citing evidence that:

  • Employees are likely to retain 95% of a message when they watch a video.
  • Three out of five (59%) executives would rather watch video than read text.

The piece also offers pointers to shoot videos that will strike the right notes:

  • Keep your videos under four minutes.
  • Use animation for longer videos, as research shows this tactic/technique tends to hold viewers’ attention for longer.
  • Monitor analytics such as view count, engagement, conversions or whichever metrics align with the core purpose of your video.
  • For internal communication videos, try how-tos, explainers, webinars or livestreams of events, company announcements or town halls. (You can always use video for onboarding, CEO messages or employee training, too.)
  • Use video to connect with remote workers—and to replace extraneous in-person meetings.

Don’t fret, dear readers and writers of text. Video is not a boogeyman out to get your job—it’s just another powerful weapon to include in your content arsenal. Read the rest of the infographic for more ideas on how to craft attention-grabbing videos.


2 Responses to “Infographic: Nifty tips to use video for internal communication”

    Galen Crawford says:

    Great tips, but the fact the “color” in this infographic does not depict a single person of color distracts. Daily Headlines

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