Infographic: Pinterest users 10 percent more likely to buy from you

Of those purchases, the average order ($80) was double that of Facebook.

It’s easy to sit around and espouse social media’s many virtues from a qualitative standpoint. We can clearly see that it’s good to have one-on-one consumer interactions and to maintain a robust presence through these channels. But what’s the real dollar value, and which platforms are best for turning fans into customers who give you their money? Not every brand can calculate this easily, but for those who can, Pinterest is emerging as an increasingly important social avenue—especially when you consider that people are 10 percent more likely to buy something on your site if they were referred from Pinterest, according to a recent infographic from Shopify. Pinterest users also seem to be forgiving of explicit marketing, as pins with prices saw a 36 percent increase in likes than those pins without prices. These and other fun facts about the intersection of social media and purchasing can be found in this infographic: (via AllTwitter)

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