Infographic: Should your organization use Quora?

Is the popular question and answer platform a good fit for your messaging goals? Consider these insights.

You can’t be on every social media platform.

Savvy brand managers discover where their audience likes to hang out and then target those communities.

One platform you might consider is Quora, the online question-and-answer platform. Users can pose questions or provide answers, and brand managers can use advertising tools to highlight their brands.

Quora says it sees 300 million unique visitors every month, making it a prime opportunity for you to raise awareness and visibility for your organization.

Quora has published an infographic describing opportunities for marketers and PR pros to reach new audiences.

It lists some of the most popular topics and questions on the site, including:

  • “What are the best airport tips?”
  • “Is it better to lease or buy a vehicle?”
  • “What are good Black Friday shopping hacks?”

To learn how your organization could make use of Quora, or to learn more about popular topics to turn into your own content creations, read the full infographic.

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