Infographic: Sitting all day at work is killing us

How your desk job is making you sick and costing employers $200 billion dollars every year.

Typing at your computer, mouse scrolling, and emptying your inbox aren’t burning up nearly enough calories.

“In the 1960s, nearly half of all jobs required physical activity. Today, less than 20 percent do. Day-to-day, you may not see the toll of this. But over lifetimes and large amounts of health data, the effects are pretty staggering,” writes Matt Silverman on

A powerful infographic from paints a troubling picture of how desk work is making us sick. For example, when you sit at your computer:

  • Fat-reducing enzymes drop by 90 percent
  • Calorie-burning slows to one per minute
  • People who sit all day have twice the heart disease as people who stand

While you can blame office work, processed foods, and sedentary lifestyles, there are some simple solutions. You can try frequent desk breaks, stretching, and eating your veggies. Just like Mom told you. (View a larger image.)

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