Infographic: Sleep deprivation is destroying your brain

And it could lead to a premature death. Yikes! Get some sleep tonight.

Sleep? Who has time for sleep?

You’re a public relations pro. You don’t have time to lie down on a mattress for eight hours. You need to make media lists, follow up on pitches, be available to journalists, monitor Twitter accounts, and brainstorm for campaigns.

Shut eye? Please.

But, an infographic on sleep deprivation says that despite daily demands, getting sleep is a paramount to good health.

Lack of sleep causes certain parts of the brain to shut down, like the frontal lobe (controls creative thinking), prefrontal cortex (controls judgment), and parietal lobe (controls your sense of logic).

Good luck handling client accounts without creativity, sound judgment, and logic. Worse yet, sleep deprivation can kill you. Just look at the infographic: (View a larger image.)

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